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A partnership between Broadly and Go90 resulted in the mini series, How to Behave. Instagram personality and model, Barbie Ferreira, takes a modern look at the outdated world of etiquette exploring  topics including dating, money, food, anger, style and sex to see how we as a culture can rethink the outdated social mores that especially hold women back.

In line with the show's intention, we wanted to create a visual  identity that explored these antiquated themes through a fresh lens as well. Every episode focused on it's own rule of etiquette,  so we decided to create these hyper-stylized reinterpretations of each rule that would serve as the opening visuals and interstitial content throughout. From concept, to pre-pro, to production, and through post, we got full jurisdiction over every part of this project, and had a lot of fun in doing so.
Additionally I did all of the graphics, and promotional elements for the series. The original episodes are no longer available but the re-edited and re-designed versions are up on broadly and will give you a sense of the show. 



creative direction
Keenan MacWilliam
art direction + design
Taylor Lewis
Renee Muza
assistant producer
Jaimie Chew
prop stylist
Vanessa Hadad